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Breathe Better

I am in awe of the breath. Three and a half years ago, I stumbled across a breath work shop that would turn out to be quite a defining day for me. It catapulted me into a journey of self love, self care, and radical acceptance for myself, and the world and people around me.

Your breath and your emotions are a two way street. Your breath is affected by every emotion you have. The sob of grief. Clamping down our jaw in the heat of anger. In fear, forgetting to take a breath in.

But it’s a two way street, as I said.

If we are present in these moments of emotions, we can transform our shaky, resistant or short breath, ergo it will change our state of being and calm down our overcharged mind. Isn’t that spectacular? A tool that is with you 24 hours of the day, and is absolutely free, can help you overcome any feeling or emotion that you may be in? When you next feel some anger or frustration, notice the resistance to breathe into your body. And look how much easier it is to let that anger go when you lengthen and open up your inhales, and let go of your exhales.

It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. Becoming a breath practitioner meant I had to step into a teacher role, and let go of my insecurities, self worth issues and imposter syndrome. And guess how I did this! With my breath. Every time I heard my ego spinning me some jargon about not being good enough, I would relax into my breath. Whilst dropping into this silent space, I would ask my self worth - what is it exactly that needs to be witnessed? What do you want me to listen to?

Then I would sit back and listen. The stories are the same, the repeats of past experiences that my psyche had not let go of. And once you are conscious of this, it is much easier to let these experiences go, with the feelings that come with it.

Our lungs are wrapped around our heart, where we have an expansive well of love ready to be tapped into. When you consciously breathe, you awaken heart and body intelligence. When we let go of all the crap, there is only presence and love left. When we are present, we can show up for ourselves and others around us. We can live life in the eternal, blissful present moment.

If you would like to discover the power of your breath, please click on my website for more details. It is also phenomenal for strengthening your physical body, helps with digestive issues, PTSD, stress, anxiety and insomnia, to name a few.

Alice Marie

Instagram: breathing.roots

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