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Core Dance HIIIT Moves

For those of you who perhaps haven’t danced in a while or have poor coordination, I thought I’d just do a little blog about some of the core moves we use throughout several of our dance HIIT routines.

The first move we’ll cover is the grapevine.

We start by stepping the left foot out to the left, the right foot then crosses behind the left, step the left out to the side again, and then bring the right foot in to meet the left foot. Do not put all of your weight into your right foot, simply “dig” it to the floor, as you are about to repeat the sequence on the other side.

Next up is the step turn step.

This is a move that often follows the grapevine. Step the left foot out to the left, turn your body over your left shoulder and step out your right foot to face the back. Continue turning in the same direction, lift up the left foot and step it out to face the front, then “dig” the right foot in as we did at the end of the grapevine.

Following on from this, we cover the jazz square and the basic square.

For the basic square, you step your right foot forward and then your left but keep the feet apart from each other. Then step back the right foot, then the left, to return to your original position.

The jazz square is slightly more complex. Step your right foot out in front of your left foot, then cross your left leg over and step onto the foot. Step the right foot back to the starting position, and then do the same with the left.

The next move to break down is the pony.

This step is mostly about weigh transfer. Drop your weight onto your left foot, dig your right foot, and then drop onto your left foot again. You can repeat this again on the other side.

The final move we will cover today is what I call the Patrick Swayze.

Kick out your left leg then step onto it. Do this on your right leg, then again on the left, then ball change to the side on your right leg. A ball change is simply two steps, so you step right then step left.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with a little bit of info so you feel more confident joining a Cardio Dance HIIT session! Any questions, let me know

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