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Full Body TABATA Circuit

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Happy Easter Weekend all!

Below, you will find the layout to a full body TABATA workout; this means you work for 40 seconds, take 20 seconds of rest and then start the next exercise.

The first exercise is high knees and toe taps.

Starting with your feet about hip distance apart, hold you hands out palms down at waist height. Bring one knee up to meet the palm of your opposite hand and then switch to the other knee with a jump in between. After doing this on either leg, you then do it again but tilting your upper leg to one side so that your foot can come up to meet the palm of your hand, then swap to the other leg.

The second exercise is drop squats.

Starting with your feet together, jump out to a wide stance and squat down with your bum back and keeping your chest up as much as you can whilst reaching to tap the floor with one hand. You then jump back up and bring your feet together to repeat the movement again, taking your other hand to the floor. Make sure that when you reach forwards, you do this by bending your knees and not by tilting your back over.

The third exercise is cross jacks.

This exercise is very similar to star jumps except when you jump, you cross one leg in front of the other. Jump it back out to a wide stance, then cross the other leg in front. Your arms come out to shoulder height as you jump out then they cross in front of you as you jump in, remaining straight. Just as with the legs, alternate which arm crosses over on top.

The fourth exercise is star skaters.

Keeping low, leap wide to one side and bring the other leg behind to a curtsey lunge. Hold there for a second and then push off your behind leg to repeat the movement to the other side. Free your arms and they will naturally fall in opposition.

The final exercise is half burpees.

Starting in a crouch, bring your palms to the floor and jump your legs back to plank. Lower your entire body to the ground and lift your arms slightly. Palms return to the floor to jump back in to a crouch and repeat. Keep your core engaged to ensure that your back doesn’t sink.

Be sure to warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards!! Let me know if you have any questions.

Push yourself and enjoy it!

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