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Kettlebell Workout

Today’s post will provide you with a full body workout that can be done with only a kettlebell!

As usual, remember to warm up beforehand and be conscious of any injuries.

We are starting on the floor with glute bridge pulses.

Begin in semi supine with your feet and knees at hip-width apart. Push into your heels to lift your glutes off the floor whilst resting on your upper back. Hold the kettlebell in place on your pelvic bone/hips as you squeeze and release your glutes. Be sure not to arch your spine.

The next exercise is the kettlebell swing.

The key thing about this movement is to remember that you are lifting with the power in your legs from the squat and not from your arms and shoulders. Keep your arms extended. As you squat, lean SLIGHTLY forward to allow the weight to fall back between your legs. Squeeze your glutes and push into your quads to bring yourself out of the squat, using the momentum to bring the weight up to shoulder height. So that the weight doesn’t fall forwards and force you with it, go back into the squat as the kettlebell reaches the height of the movement.

For the next movement, we are beginning in a sumo squat, similar to that used in the kettlebell swing but with turned out feet.

Holding the weight, allowing it to weigh your arms down, squat down with your bum back and chest up, and pulse in place for an extra two “squats” then squeeze to come up to the starting position, tilting your pelvis forward.

Next up is a sumo squat and lunge combo.

Start in the same position as you did for the sumo squat pulses, weight in front of you with both hands on the handles. Squat down with your feet turned out and in a wide stance, then as you squeeze up, begin to turn to face the side and twist your back leg on the ball of your foot. Remove the back hand from the weight and move into a lunge. As you come out of the lunge, the hand comes back to the weight and you return to the sumo squat. You repeat this all on the other side.

To work our arms and upper body, we will next move onto an upright row.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, holding the kettlebell at waist height. Pull the weight directly upwards from the handle and take your elbows out to either side, don’t point them to the sky. Really take care on the lowering down; you control the weight, it does not control you.

Finally, we have sumo squat drop and snatches.

These are very similar to sumo squat pulses. Your lower body performs regular sumo squats but as you hold the kettlebell, you only hold with one hand at a time. As you come up out of the sumo squat, pull your arm up a little further so you can drop the kettlebell a small distance into your other hand. This weight will take you back down into the sumo squat again.

Some stretches to perform during cool down are:

• glute stretch

• cobra stretch

• quad stretch

• side arm stretch

Be sure to cool down! Let me know how you get on and comment with any questions ✨

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