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Stretch Out and Cool Down Part 2

Hello again!

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, we will finish this stretch out and cool down. We just reached the end of stretches on the right leg so we will now move to the left.

Once you have completed your lunge on the other leg and pushed back to plank, don’t go into pyramid pose again as we are moving to cobra.

Lower your entire body slowly down to the floor and place your hands on the ground underneath your shoulders. Push up from here and lift your upper body, keeping your pelvis on the floor. This should fully stretch your lower back.

Next up, and in the same video, we will move onto cat-cow or angry cat-happy cat.

Push your body up and come to all fours. Suck in your stomach and curve your spine towards the sky, really pushing through the top of your back, and tuck your chin in to your chest. You then reverse this stretch and curve your spine away from the sky, dropping your stomach towards the ground and tilting your head backwards. Repeat this several times to stretch out your abs.

The same short video finishes with child’s pose.

From all fours, move back to sit on your feet and fold your body over. Rest the top of your forehead on the floor and stretch your arms out in front of you.

The final stretches are carried out on your back, starting with glute stretch.

Laying on your back, place your feet flat on the floor so you are in semi-supine. Cross one leg over the other and interlock your fingers around the thigh of the leg that remains on the floor. Pull that leg in towards you and allow the knee of the opposite leg to fall away as you stretch your glutes. Be sure to carry out this stretch on both sides.

The final stretch is another stretch for your inner thighs. It is very similar to the cobbler stretch from yesterday but instead of being seated, your back is completely flat on the floor.

Press the soles of your feet together, drop your knees to either side, place your hands on your inner thighs and bounce your knees gently.

Hopefully this post has been helpful to you! Be sure to ask if you are unsure of any positions, and be wary of any injuries. Furthermore, take extra care to stretch out any muscles that may be stiff or aching.

Be cautious and enjoy.


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