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Tummy Loving Workout

Now, I could just call this an ab workout, but I was focusing on the mentality behind it today. I don’t generally like doing ab work in just a sports bra because I can see every bit of flab on my stomach and I hate it, but I tried to embrace it today. Hence, I was trying to show my tummy some love.

Give it a go, and make sure to warm up first!

The first exercise is 8 reps of boat crunches.

Sitting on the floor in dish hold, hold a dumbbell (or just press your palms together) out in front of you with straight arms and cross your feet over. Use your abs to crunch and sit up whilst bringing your knees in to your chest, arms coming through the gap between your knees, and then return to dish hold.

Next up is 8 reps of hip dips on either side.

We begin in a forearm plank, pelvis tucked in and bum down to create a straight line. Twisting from your torso, turn to one side to drop one hip towards the floor and then switch sides. Repeat.

Moving on to dead bugs. You can add dumbbells to this exercise or you can just use your bodyweight.

Begin by laying completely flat on the floor. Bend your knees up to tabletop and bring your arms straight up above you. Dropping down the same arm as leg, stretch them out to the floor but don’t make contact with the floor. Crunch your arms to return to the tabletop position and repeat on the other side, 8 reps on either side.

The next exercise is very similar to dead bugs but the other way up; bird dog.

We begin on all fours with a flat back (this is important). Working the opposite arm to leg for this exercise, you stretch out one of each to create a horizontal line with your body and hold for a second before returning to all fours. Although you squeeze your abs to return to the starting position, keeping a flat back is very important so don’t fully crunch. Keep your neck in line with your spine. 8 reps on either side.

Next up is 10 reps on crunch pulses.

Lay down on the floor in semi supine (knees up so feet are flat on the floor, head rested) and cross your arms to place them on your shoulders. Crunch your abs to bring your head and upper back off the floor, pulse twice in this position and then return to the floor. The key here is to really squeeze your abs to pull you up.

The penultimate exercise 8 reps of side plank dips on either side.

Place your forearm on the floor with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder. Rest on the side of your knees. Lower your side to the floor and then squeeze up and pull away from the ground. Visualize a string tied at the bottom of your ribs that is pulling your waist up to the sky.

Our final exercise is 8 reps to either side of a russian twist with a reach up.

Sit directly upright on your glutes with your knees up and feet flat on the floor. Engage your core and tilt backwards. The russian twist element is simply a twist to the side from your waist using your upper torso. When you return to centre, sit upright and reach to the sky before then twisting the other way.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Be sure to warm up and cool down. You can add in weights but they are not essential!


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