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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Hello and welcome to Glo Up - Fitness with Alice!

As you might have guessed, my name is Alice and I started up this fitness instruction group in November 2020 to provide some positivity and support through the further-lengthened lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, over the months we have grown and now we are a proper business - logo, website and all!

So, what are we all about?

Firstly, an explanation of our name. For 13 years of my life, I danced with an incredible teacher called Gloria who ran her own academy. She inspired my love for performance and I am so grateful for the many doors she opened for me. This is also the reason that music plays a HUGE part in our sessions, both group and 1-1s. I think that music is a key motivator for any kind of exercise which is why it is so heavily incorporated into our brand. We do all our of HIITs to music, we do Barre Fitness to music, we even do sit-ups and crunches to music! In group classes, everything is performed to the beat of the music and for a set amount of counts. Although this can be changed for sets and reps for 1-1 personal training sessions, music is still at the core of each session with Glo Up - Fitness with Alice and believe me, there are some bangers in our playlist..

When you see the phrase "glo(w) up" you think of an external improvement of appearances; perhaps you think of a makeover, a new style that someone has embraced, weight loss, or some kind of plastic surgery. We focus on the exact OPPOSITE of this.

When I think of "glo(w) up" in terms of this business, I don't think about how much weight someone can lose or how their appearance can change from joining these sessions (even though it is likely that both may happen). The glo up I want to focus on is internal. I want these sessions to allow you to see the amazing things that your body and mind can do. Just by signing up to a class, I am proud that you made that decision.

My aim is to build your self-love and body confidence by focusing on your fitness and stamina. We will do this through mindfulness, guided stretch sessions and just having a grand ole time! I want you to look in the mirror and see an INTERNAL difference beaming out at you. I want happiness and confidence and self-love to make you glow.

And glow, you will! You will glow and shine from sweat. You will glow and be rosy from pushing yourself. Eventually, you will learn to glow with self-love. Manifest it. Embrace it. Embody it. This will then make your heart glow with happiness.

When I say that our aim to get fit, stay positive, and have fun, I mean it on a deeper level than being able to see ab definition. I want you to be able to climb the stairs without getting breathless, or finally do that semi-push up you've been working on for ages! I want to help you set goals and ACHIEVE THEM!

So get into this mindset. This is the year of self love. We got this.



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